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Board of Directors

Organisational structure

Pakistan Youth and Community Association have a board of directors of 10 members who directors for the purpose of company law and trustees for the purpose of charity law.

The charity is organised so that the trustees meet regularly to manage its affairs. The board members are responsible for the strategic direction and policy of the Association. The board work as a team with a scheme designated in place to ensure the charity delivers and maintains the services specified.

There is one full time chief executive, who both manages the day to day administration of the charity, and organises fund-raising initiatives. The remaining staff are employed at the centre to carry out various activities of the charity and also assist with fund raising activities.

The charity has a significant number of volunteers who are supported and supervised by the relevant service manager. An annual review of their work is also carried out.

Mr Mohammed Afzaal

Mr Rafique Ahmed Jalees

Dr Shahid Hussain

Syed Tansir Asghar Bukhari
Chair Secretary

Mrs Aisha Ali
Additional Secretary

Mr Abdul Waheed Bajwa

Miss Abeda Adam
Women’s Officer

Mr Mohammed Ayub
Youth Officer

Mr Jamil Akhter
Welfare Officer

Mr Mohammed Hafeez
Board of Directors

Mr Morawat Hussain
Board of Directors

Mr Ghulam Mustafa Malik
Company Secretary

Registered Charity No. 1104329 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 4812799

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