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PYCA Funding & Grants

PYCA Funding and Grants


All activities at PYCA are supported by either project grants, generated income (from membership fees, course registration fees and small amounts of miscellaneous income) or from the community themselves volunteering to staff and run the Centre. PYCA generates over £18,000 in registration & membership fees and other contributions, with all other activities supported by project grants. Over the last few years, these have included:

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Objective 2

Pakistan Economic & Social Inclusion Programme (PESIP): Project Value: £190,554

In 2002 PYCA was awarded a major ERDF Objective 2 programme grant to allow for capacity and basic skills development in the community. This enabled the Association to develop an ICT resource centre, opened in April 2002. PYCA’s ICT resource centre provides access to computing and Internet access and the centre offers advice and supported training opportunities for BAME communities in Leicester.

European Social Fund (ESF)

Pakistan Information, Advice and Guidance Programme (PAIG: Project Value: £94,641

In 2004 PYCA was supported by ESF to provide information, advice and guidance in personal learning and employment. This Programme was aimed at adults aged 19+, and particularly women. PYCA was one of the few agencies to offer IAG sessions in an environment that was conducive to the cultural needs of the communities served, and also helped over 40 people to gain sustainable new employment positions. PYCA also assisted with the development of new social enterprises, with over 12 new SME’s created. The ESF programme ended in 2006, but has been continued with support from a range of different funding programmes. .

Big Lottery Fund

New Life: Project Value: £66,291

In 2005 PYCA gained support from Big Lottery Fund to offers a range of basic and key skills learning opportunities, including ESOL and computing. The programme was specifically designed for:

  • Those who have recently settled in the UK and who may not otherwise have access to subsidised learning opportunities, as new settlers were excluded from subsidised learning programmes until they had been in residence for 3 years.
  • Those aged 50+ in the community.

 Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) Connecting Communities Plus (CC+)

Young Persons’ Support Programme: Project Value: £174,654

In 2006, PYCA was supported through a major new 3-year grant supported by The Department for Communities & Local Governments (DCLG) to provide a new Young Person’s Support Programme. The programme specifically aimed to tackle underachievement amongst youngsters from Pakistani and other ethnic minorities in the city and to provide a range of activities to give families the opportunity to engage and develop their children’s education.

Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities (NLDC) Project Value: £60,000 (approx)

In 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 PYCA was supported to provide a programme of Access Neighbourhood Learning targeted to the Super Output Area of Spinney Hill Ward. The programme has provided free learning, and advice on training and work, including outreach development and home visits, to create better employment opportunities for BAME communities in the catchment area. The programme has been highly successful, with funding now extended.

Big Lottery Fund

PYCA’s Social EngAGEment Programme for elderly: Project Value: £307,952

In 2015 PYCA was supported by Big Lottery to supports older people who are isolated and suffering multiple deprivations, providing them with improved opportunities for the development of life skills, skills sharing and improved integration achieved through a programme of support, training, advice, counselling, guidance and advocacy.

PYCA has also attracted grants for more specific projects catering to different targeted age ranges, including:

  • Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF) Total Value: £66,700
  • NRF BME Complementary Education Network Support Total Value: £126,180
  • Grants LCC (Pakistan Community Cohesion Programme) Total Value: £22,800
  • Lloyds TSB Fund Total Value: £20,000 and £25,000 (in the current programme)
  • Grants (City Strategy) Total Value: £35,000
  • Grants LA/ESF ESOL 4 WORK Total Value: £34,000
  • Grants LA/ESF Priority 1 Total Value: £35,000
  • Grants LCC Playscheme Total Value: £33,872 (including the current programme)
  • Grants Targeted Support Fund (TSF) Total Value: £27,928
  • Grants WNF (KS2 CSS) Total Value: £22,401
  • Grants WNF IAG Programme Total Value: £62,900
  • DfE through QED Bradford (with PYCA as subcontractors) for £30,000
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