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Membership Benefits


PYCA is a community-owned organisation which ensures that the community has a direct voice in its management. We always: encourage our members to advise on how the centre is run and what programmes are needed.

involve our members in our evaluation processes so that they can identify with us what has been successful and what they feel should be done differently.

Membership Benefits

Networking: PYCA organises educational, social and cultural events. Members are invited to such events and have an opportunity to meet new people and socialise.

Priority Access: Members can also enjoy early event registration, priority for all trips and activities, and tickets like summer trips.

Discounts: PYCA delivers many educational, business and leisure courses designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you require. Members are offered a 50% discount in Registration fee for all courses, easily covering the cost of membership.

E-newsletter updates: Members receive regular updates on our activities, new programmes/courses and forthcoming events.

Annual General Meeting (AGM): Members are invited to the AGM; every member has a right to vote to elect members of our Board of Directors.

Membership Categories & Fees: Membership is £10 initially for 1 year and then £5 for renewal.

There are 3 types of membership:

1. Adult – 2 types

i. City residents are full members

ii. Surrounding areas residents are associate members

2. Youth (12 – 18): £5 new membership and renewal is £2
3. Junior (12 years and under) Free membership

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