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Route ways to Employment Programme

This programme will meet some of the urgent needs of most disadvantaged in our community. It is fair to say that there may be a continuing need to develop these services beyond the proposed life of this programme. PYCA will create a suitable exit strategy, in the best-case scenario services will be continued through alternative funding sources. In the interim period (if necessary), as we have done so with other projects, we’ll continue delivering services at low level mostly on a voluntary basis.


This proposed one year project aims to benefit 82 individuals (and their families) especially women from BAME communities who are isolated and suffering multiple deprivations, providing them with Information, Advice & Guidance and opportunities to develop employment and personal skills. This will be a comprehensive programme, which includes many aspects of working life; some of the examples are below: Routeway Programme: an accredited learning programmes to increase individual skills and abilities; 64 beneficiaries get training opportunity to learn sector specific skills in Child & Health Care, First Aid at work, Food Safety and Security Guarding sectors. Enterprise Ecologies: Helping those who would like to set up their own businesses. They will attend workshops as well as receive business coaching. Employability Skills: CV, Interview, Job search, Job application etc. Personal Skills: Social Media, Money management etc. Work placements will be provided that will increase confidence and instil a work ethic. We will offer 20 work experience places intending to get at least 8 people into gainful employment. Each participant will have a SMART action plan with their own aims & objectives, which will be monitored quarterly, with accredited qualifications and certificates of achievement.

Long-term impacts

This cohesive programme will help to address unemployment in communities experiencing low self-esteem and confidence. The programme will increase the number of young adults with improved employability skills & work experience, which ultimately improve their job prospective. Gaining jobs will have a long lasting effect on both individuals & their families by improving their social & financial circumstances. This will indeed result in lessening the burden on Public purse (every little helps).


Expected outcomes

82 beneficiaries and their families from disadvantaged BAME communities will have improved employability skills, enhancing employment potential resulting in better quality of life; 164 structured IAG sessions will be delivered to support them in their future careers; 64 will complete Routeway programme (sector specific skills) with formal accreditation; 18 will attend Enterprise Ecologies & Employability Skills workshops; 8 beneficiaries gaining employment and 20 gaining work experience placements

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